Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I Just Read: Shopgirl

Steve Martin. What's not to like? He's funny and smart and looks ever so handsome in a tuxedo. I'm way behind the 8-ball here but just discovered his writing. I started with The Pleasure of My Company and then most recently, Shopgirl. I liked them both but Shopgirl was my favorite. I can't quite put my finger on why I love his writing style so much, but there's just a certain sweetness to the way he tells a story. Someone told me that his newest work, An Object of Beauty, is not sweet at all, but that's just another reason to love Steve--he's so diverse! And did I mention how good he looks in a tuxedo?

Rating: Recommended, especially for a vacation read. It's fewer than 200 pages long and easy to pick up, read a few pages, yell at kids for splashing the old man in the pool, and pick up again.


  1. Great read!! I love this book, and the movie is even a pretty good adaptation, which doesn't often happen. Also loved The Pleasure of My Company. An Object of Beauty is ok- not quite the same writing style, but not a total dud that you can't bear to get through. It's very art focused, and there are a few interesting twists and turns. If you like the other two, I'd say you'd like it enough.

  2. I have an old article of his that I run across at home once in awhile. He used to write for the New Yorker (maybe still does), and it was pretty funny. Something about the guy who invented CD wrappers going to Hell, if I remember correctly. Next time I see it, I'll make you a copy.

  3. I read this on tape and loved it. Some passages just have stuck with me forever. The writing just is so intentional and delicate, I think.

    Also? First concert I ever went to? Steve Martin. With my mom. Who asked the guy next to us to put out his joint.

    Damn, I was SO COOL in the 70s.