Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shameless Plug: By the Book Paper

Magnetic book marks that are way more stylish
than the library receipt I usually use.

Moving? Use these charming cards to announce your new address.

So much better than the ones at Target...

Mine would say, "Don't drop it in the bath, dummy!"

What a great way to keep your big day (and your gift)
in the forefront of their thoughts.

Blogging has sure opened my eyes--to new things to buy. (Isn't that great, honey?) Today I'm featuring items from my new friend Kristen's Etsy shop By The Book Paper. Since I usually have about four books going at a time, I'm always using receipts or tearing pieces of paper off to use as bookmarks. And who couldn't use a few more thank you notes? (Not that you'll actually getting around to writing the thank yous, steps.)

Kristen welcomes special orders and custom requests, so get that thinking cap on and give her a holler.


  1. I love the magnetic bookmarks. I always have a flutter of loose paper inside my library books; I'm always marking not only the page I left off on, but also pages with good quotes I want to come back to. I have to shake the books out before returning them. :)

  2. I love the moving cards, the different bags are so cute...and I would use them all of the time! Ha!

  3. I love By The Book Paper's shop! One of my faves for sure!

  4. The magnetic bookmarks are an awesome idea! You can store them on the fridge and always know where they are. The save-the-dates are *super* cute, too! Cool stuff. :)