Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Down the Drain (Or Maybe Not)

I have a confession to make: I floss and brush my teeth in the shower. I do it because I really really really love long hot showers but don't like to waste water, so I figure if something is getting done while I'm standing there, it's OK. (Man, that excuse sounded so much better in my head.)

So a couple of months ago I noticed that there was a long strand of floss that had caught on the shower drain. It had wrapped itself around the grate and the ends were hanging down into the pipe. I pulled it out so it wouldn't wash away and when I did, about two heads' worth of hair came with it. It was completely gross, yet so oddly satisfying, like pouring out a bucketful of black water after shampooing the carpet (I swear they put black dye in that machine).

I replaced the floss with another strand, this time making it really long and tying it in a knot on the grate so it wouldn't accidently wash down the pipe and collect all that hair underground. Works like a charm, and now we can cancel my daughter's buzz cut appointment and let her keep her long (see photo above) beautiful hair.


  1. How weird that floss could do that! That would've never occurred to me:)

  2. Love that idea:) Wow, what beautiful hair, yes, definitely keep it.