Sunday, March 6, 2011

Internet Friends

“You should start a blog.” I’ve been hearing it for a while now, and as a freelance writer by trade who needs to promote my home-based ceramics business, it makes perfect sense. But what do I blog about? I enjoy cooking but am not a gourmet chef. I consider myself reasonably creative but am by no means a fine artist. I like to read but am far from “literary.”

To put it simply, I’m probably a lot like you. So here’s what I ended up with—I’m going to blog about the stuff I do, and try, and read, and experience, and I’ll share the results.

My friend’s mom Susan once got mad during an episode of thirtysomething. In the middle of Susan’s episode recap and diatribe against Elliot (he really was being such a jerk to Nancy), she suddenly stopped and said, “But then I realized, Nancy’s just my television friend.”

If you'd like to be indignant when I’m mad at my husband, I would love to have you on my side. I’m Janet. Please consider me your Internet friend.

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  1. I will be indignant when you're mad at your husband. Yay!