Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: Clay Portraits

With summer vacation upon us, here's an easy, fun project that the kids can do on a lazy day. Have the kids each roll out a piece of clay in a roundish or squarish shape, whatever they want. Use a toothpick to carve the design. If you're lucky enough to have use of a kiln, use terra cotta clay, or if not, use the oven bake stuff (Sculpey is great) or even air-dry clay. Once it's dry the kids can paint it or just seal it with a clear lacquer.

Now take a piece of scrap wood and paint it any color (I used black). Attach a hanger on the back or go the completely cheapskate route and just put two staples in the back and wrap a little wire between them to create your own hanger. Affix the dried clay art to the wood with a good dollop of Gorilla Glue or Liquid Nails.

These look great alone, or make a bunch and group them. My latest idea: colorful clay targets with bulls-eyes in a Kandinsky style, grouped on the living room wall. I'll blog that when it happens; I'm guessing about the tenth of never.

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  1. Noooo, not the tenth of never! I am looking forward to seeing the bulls-eye since it sounds really nice.