Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Pop Tarts

My kids have been begging me to buy S'mores Pop Tarts for months and while I consider myself a reasonably cool mom, I just can't do it. How could there be even a smidge of nutrition in with all those preservatives and all that sugar? This is my best compromise:

Nutella Pop Tarts
1 recipe pie crust

Roll out your pie crust and cut into rectangles. Put a good blob of Nutella on top and lay another rectangle over the top, sealing the edges with a little water. Smush the tines of a fork down around the edges. Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until they're golden brown.

My kids' only objection to these was that there was no frosting on top. I did an exhaustive Google search, trying to find a hard frosting that won't melt in the toaster and found two things: 1. I am not even close to being the first person to think of Nutella Pop Tarts, and 2. They all just put the frosting on at the end.

I thought of trying royal icing but didn't want to risk the frosting all melting into the toaster, so in the end I just sprinkled some cinnamon sugar on the Pop Tarts before baking. My guess is it's the chemicals that make the hard frosting.

The shirtless wonder eats a Pop Tart.


  1. You are speaking my language with all that Nutella! Love it!

  2. These look so delicious!!! How do you think bananas would hold up inside?? Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  3. Bananas would be great I bet. My grandma used to make fried pies--same exact idea with the pie crust, then bananas and fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Bet you could bake them instead.

  4. I've made something similar to this before using store-bought pastry dough. It's delicious. I have to tell you also, that I've tried smores pop tarts, and they were kinda gross, and this is coming from someone who loves smores and grew up eating pop tarts! Tell your kids they're not missing out on anything!
    Also, got your email and will be shipping your Harry Potter package out to you tomorrow! xo, Mary

  5. Oh yeah, I'm following you now. I thought I already was, but I guess not? Anyway, I am now:)

  6. Those look delicious. We will definitely be making those in our house this summer.

  7. I am sorry to rain on your parade, but nutella filling, even if more "natural", is not necessarily a healthier choice:
    If you check nutrition labels, you will see that nutella has about twice as much fat compared to Kellogs pop tarts.
    Of course, everything depends on size of portions and how frequently you serve them, BUT THEN...neither(too fatty) homemade nutella pop tarts nor (too sugary and full of conservants) Kellogs are suitable as a regular food and - on the other hand, neither of them will harm you or your kids if consumed occasionaly.
    So, unless you enjoy the process of preparation, you can spare yourself the trouble and just buy them.
    My suggestion for more frequent consumption: Try to sneak inside as much healthy ingrediences as your kids tolerate instead of nutella. Maybe you could experiment with whey protein powder and plain cocoa to create your own filling, or at least lower the share of nutella inside. Of course fruit filling is even better, if you can get away with it.