Friday, June 17, 2011

Pet Peeves: Technology

Today's topic in our ongoing "Pet Peeves" series: Technology. I'll start.

I really hate it when a customer at the cash register answers the phone in the middle of a transaction. So the cashier is supposed to stand there and wait for you to finish your conversation, and then you can tell her what you want? And the delay of her work and all the people standing in line isn't even the worst part--it's the fact that you are interacting with a human being and you are letting them know that they can wait because you've got something better to do. It all boils down to consideration--actually considering the feelings of someone else.

Now I'm all riled are some others from my blog friends.

Remaking Memories said... I have a long list, but I'll keep it short. Ladies - please, get off your phone when you're using a public restroom. It's rude to the person on the phone and to the other ladies in the restroom. And it gives me stage fright.

Monkey Sews said...One of my pet peeves is people who sit with you at a table with earbuds in! Do you talk to them? Are they busy? It's rude people!

Lulu Grey said... A pet peeve of mine is (and this just happened, so it is top of mind) people who play with their smart phones during business meetings. You can put down fruit ninja for a second - you know.

And from my brother: People who post everywhere they are on FB. I had one friend post his entire trip up the coast, from San Diego up to Thousand Oaks. So and so is at the checkpoint. So and so is at the nuclear power station. So and so is passing San Clemente. And on and on and on. Filled my whole first page. Once in awhile, but come on.

What are yours? Also, now taking suggestions for new Pet Peeve topics, so please leave 'em in the comments and if I use yours, I'll link it to your blog or shop.


  1. Wow, I didn't think I really had any besides that one, but I agree with all the other ones. I'll also add my father-in-law never takes his bluetooth phone receiver out of his ear. Like ever. His daughter had to remind him to take it out as he walked her up the aisle. So you'll be talking to him and he'll answer with something that doesn't make any sense, and then you'll realize he's on the phone. So annoying.

    Okay, one more, sort of like the others: people who talk too loudly on their phones. They'll be in the middle of Trader Joe's shouting. Come on, no one wants to hear it.

  2. This is good one. I think I actually blogged about this awhile ago! :) I was going to mention the constant-blue-tooth-device-wearer. You never know if they're talking to you or not. Or, it's really funny when you're on the side of them that doesn't have the device, so you can't see it, and then you just think they're talking to themselves!

  3. I second Lulu about people on smart phones in meetings, especially when someone is giving a presentation that they've presumably worked hard on and is important for the company. It's pretty easy to tell when people aren't paying attention. The same goes for trying to have a conversation with a friend or family member who is constantly playing with their phone. Just put it down and relax for a minute, you know? Men get a bad rap for this but I think both sexes are equally guilty.

  4. Here's another: texting in movie theaters.

  5. My Pet Peeve--when people text back the letter "k" --I mean it's assumed that you saw it and you're OK, but if you feel the need to let me know you saw it--I need more than the letter k to validate an entire text.

  6. My pet peeve regarding cell phones etc. ? Well let me put it this way; Hubs and I went to our grandson's 5th grade class "Recognition of Achievement Ceremony". A pretty big deal for these 5th graders as they advance on to middle school. You would not believe how many times cell phones rang during the ceremony ... please people if it's THAT important put the dang thing on vibrate so it doesn't disrupt everybody else's life !!!