Friday, June 3, 2011

Pet Peeves: Driving

I'm delighted to post a new entry in what has become a regular feature of this blog, "Pet Peeves." It seems that lots of you like complaining just as much as I do. Yay! Complaining's the best.

Today we'll talk about driving pet peeves. Here are a couple from my blogworld friends:
SibStudio said...

My pet peeve is right from this morning - good grief how hard is it to flip on the turn signal so I know why you just stopped for no reason in the middle of the lane!

By the Book Paper said...

What I thought of today (because I experienced it) is people who are going to turn when driving but do not fully make it into the turn lane so you cannot get past them. That is what they make a separate lane for!

This one is pretty similar to my own biggest driving pet peeve: When you are in the right lane (but there is no dedicated right-turn lane) and going straight, leave enough room for people to get past you so they can turn right.

And another thing. When it's your right of way, take it. Sometimes I get behind someone who slams on their brakes for no apparent reason and then I realize it's to let someone at a stop sign/light/driveway pull out. It's not nice, it's not thoughtful, it's just dangerous to all the other drivers expecting you to follow the rules!

Finally, and I know this one is common, don't go under the speed limit. When I lived in Hawaii they posted a minimum speed right under the maximum speed on the freeway. Genius.

And even though my daughter is only 12, she just looked over my shoulder as I was writing this and spouted off one of her own: "When your mom and dad freak out about someone else's driving and that's all they can talk about for 10 minutes." She's grounded.

What's your biggest driving pet peeve?


  1. One of mine are the people who have to wait until there isn't another car in sight before making a left turn, never mind that the nearest car is still over a block away, they're not about to take any chances. Guess they're afraid that an oncoming vehicle will kick into hyper-drive or turbo-burst and plow them over at half the speed of light ? On the other hand I dread the ones that wait until I'm almost there and then pull out in front me, making me hit my brakes, THEN they crawl along at Granny Methuselah speed ... 15 mph in a 50 mph zone. I've often wondered if maybe they don't know where the gas pedal is or what it's for ?

  2. Concur heartily with all that's been mentioned already. Here's one to add: numbnuts driving the speed limit in the fast lane.

    I suppose they think they're being good citizens and preventing lawbreakers from speeding in the absence of Johnny Cop, or maybe they just have their heads wedged, but get the hell out of my way, dude. I'm late for a meeting because I overslept since I stayed up late watching Hawaii 5-0. It's not my fault it's not over till 11. So if I want to drive 75 or 80 or more and risk a ticket, that's my business. Pull over into the lane that's going the same speed as you. And stay there.

  3. Here's another from a pedestrian point of view, since I work in Santa Ana and have to listen to this all day long: Lay off the damn horn. No one wants to hear it, and it does no good. Okay, maybe someone isn't pulling out of their parking space fast enough for you, but check your Words with Friends while you're waiting or something.

    And to my neighbor whose mom pulls up in front of the house and honks until you come out? Tell her to get her fat, lazy butt out of the car and go knock on your door. Or at least text you to let you know she's there.

    Sheesh. I think I need another doughnut on this, National Doughnut Day.

  4. Not sure your Pet Peeve column is the best thing for me first thing in the morning. Must breathe deeply. Maybe I'll have a beer.

  5. ha ha! I laughed out loud at all of these comments. After I wrote this post I thought of the one that Almost Precious mentioned about pulling out in front of me then going slow. Pull out if you want, but make it quick and don't hold me up.

  6. I love it - my claim to fame is that I'm a crabby driver lol! Thanks for featuring my comment! I'm glad I am in good company! : )

  7. Love it, love it, love it! Thanks for using my comment! I agree with all the above posted, especially the pulling out in front of me and going slow, and the going to speed limit in the fast lane. I HATE that. I agree- you are not in charge of monitoring my speed. You don't know why I need to go fast. Get out of the way! :)

  8. Your post today and the comments definitely made me smile. Thanks for joining my morning today at The Morning Artist Blog.

  9. I have to say today it is people who smoke pot in their cars while driving. Yep - on the way to work yesterday, I saw three guys in a landscaping truck toking up. I could not believe it. Asshats.

  10. Love it! This post and comments made me smile!

    So glad I found you through the Etsy Blog Team!
    I am your newest blog follower. :)
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

    Mary C. Nasser

  11. "Asshats"? Don't believe I've ever heard that expression. Still not exactly sure what it means, but it's hilarious.

    I was thinking it meant they had their heads up their asses, but then they would be wearing asshats and have their heads up someone else's ass, as opposed to being asshats. If they themselves were asshats, they would be perched atop someone else's ass. I'm sorry, I can't come up with the right visual picture for what an asshat actually is. Can someone help me out here?

  12. My pet peeve is when it is raining (poor visibility) and are trying to back out of a parking spot and people (obviously the walking dead, since they don't care if they get hit) walk right behind you (almost touching your car)!!!!!

  13. Here's one that I just encountered yesterday afternoon - and it goes with the whole pulling out in front of somebody thing. I'm driving down the street going about 45 mph in the middle lane. As I am coming down the hill, I see a car inching out of the parking lot. She decides that she is going to SLOWLY pull out into the middle lane, MY lane as I am approaching. I had to swerve and give the one finger salute.

  14. Sometimes you just don't have a choice, Brain.